Legal security and economic development of our Clients are the issues of utmost importance for us.

In economic life and legal matters we plan and act to provide legal security and to enhance the economic development of supported Clients simultaneously. We aim at achieving legal order and logic, justice and economy in business and public institutions. It is inspiring for us and it defines the world that we like.


We understand a broader context of seemingly simple matters. In our work, we rely on a thorough diagnosis of cases, years of experience and knowledge of many business sectors and public institutions. We conduct successful court proceedings thanks to well considered strategies.

We control the business risk that is always present in development processes. We aim at proper relationship between legal security and development of our Clients. This is possible thanks to a high legal and personal competence of our Staff. With the systematically broadened knowledge and personal commitment, we create legal services focused on the effectiveness of counseling and dispute resolution. We believe in fairness to Clients , the truth and the high culture of cooperation.


We provide legal services for enterprises and individuals, public institutions and social organizations, as well as the law-related services they need, including training and support through EU projects. Our team is highly qualified and has a high standard of personal competence. We engage in social activities and support noble ideas.

We operate in a legal profile, as well as in the related business profile. We combine different services to suit the development strategies to our Clients. Legal and business projects are undertaken by creative and reliable experts, not only in the area of business law and insurance. We understand the specifics of enterprises, public institutions and NGOs.